Meet the NTEN Community

The NTEN Community is full of great folks. Here are just a few of them.

Eric Werner

Northridge Interactive

Eric is an interactive marketing consultant at Northridge Interactive, specializing in Web Analytics, Organic Search Engine Optimization, and Pay-Per-Click Management. His interest in online marketing was sparked in 2001 while working for an Atlanta area web marketing firm where he learned the benefits of marketing to achieve concrete results. A results-driven Google Certified AdWords Professional, Eric has engaged in Adwords and Google Grants Management for a number of nonprofit clients while at Northridge Interactive. Eric contributes regularly to the Online Marketing Council and was recently elected to the position of Vice Chair of the Web Analytics committee. Eric began his career as a paratrooper in the U.S. Army -- but now the color of his parachute is "marketing". Eric is getting married this spring and hopes his wife will embrace his eclectic loves of practicing Wing Chun Kung Fu, wearing out his copy of Halo 3, and heavily consuming internet marketing reads. He hopes the salsa dancing will help in this regard.

Maddie Grant, CAE


Maddie is an association/nonprofit blogger on social media, 2009 NTENny Winnercommunity building, designing in public. Her Washington, DC based company SocialFish helps organizations develop social media strategy. Maddie holds NTEN office hours every Thursday at 3pm ET in the Communications office.

Karen Goldlist

The Cause Project

I am extremely excited about launching a new online platform for charities and non-profit organizations. It's called The Cause Project because it connects individuals with causes and the projects they are passionate about. It also lets individuals get involved with causes online. (at home or at the office). It connects everyone with Facebook & Twitter so they can spread the word.

My background as a volunteer for various organizations prompted me to develop The Cause Project. I have chaired a Gala, managed my kids hockey teams, sold ads for charitable publications and created newborn layettes (all in the name of charity). I am passionate about my family and philanthropy. These are the things that make me feel good.

Judi Sohn

C3:Colorectal Cancer Coalition

2008 NTENny WinnerJudi Sohn is Vice President of Operations for C3: Colorectal Cancer Coalition, an organization she helped found in 2005 after losing her father to colon cancer in 1999. Judi brings her nearly 10 years of experience as a 2009 NTEN Booster2009 NTEN Boostertechnology consultant and blogger into focus around tools that bring a widely distributed team together. Now with just 6 paid staff members, C3 is recognized as the leading patient advocacy organization focused solely on the needs of the colorectal cancer community. In her non-C3 life, Judi blogs about her adventures in nonprofit technology on her personal website, and she also serves as Managing Editor of Web Worker Daily, a GigaOM website.

Ruby Sinreich

Fellowship of Reconciliation

Ruby Sinreich works as the Co-Director of Communications at the Fellowship of Reconciliation, an interfaith organization working for peace2008 NTENny Winner and justice through nonviolence since 1915. She is also the founder and editor of, a progressive local politics blog in her hometown of Chapel Hill, NC.

Ruby has been working for 15 years to help progressive nonprofits2009 NTEN Booster2009 NTEN Booster use the Internet more effectively for communication, activism, and organization. She has impacted nonprofits of all shapes and sizes including local women's centers, statewide advocacy groups, and national and international institutions such as Planned Parenthood Federation of America, Greenpeace International, and the American Civil Liberties Union.

Ruby is especially interested in using social networking tools to empower supporters and help them lead organizations from the bottom-up.