Meet the NTEN Community

The NTEN Community is full of great folks. Here are just a few of them.

Maddie Grant, CAE


Maddie is an association/nonprofit blogger on social media, 2009 NTENny Winnercommunity building, designing in public. Her Washington, DC based company SocialFish helps organizations develop social media strategy. Maddie holds NTEN office hours every Thursday at 3pm ET in the Communications office.

Karen Goldlist

The Cause Project

I am extremely excited about launching a new online platform for charities and non-profit organizations. It's called The Cause Project because it connects individuals with causes and the projects they are passionate about. It also lets individuals get involved with causes online. (at home or at the office). It connects everyone with Facebook & Twitter so they can spread the word.

My background as a volunteer for various organizations prompted me to develop The Cause Project. I have chaired a Gala, managed my kids hockey teams, sold ads for charitable publications and created newborn layettes (all in the name of charity). I am passionate about my family and philanthropy. These are the things that make me feel good.

Judy Hallman


Judy Hallman was a founding member of RTPNet and has been its executive2008 NTENny Winner director for almost 13 years. She started her career providing support for nonprofits after retiring from UNC-Chapel Hill, where she helped introduce the university to the Internet as a documentation and 2009 NTEN Booster2009 NTEN Boostertraining specialist for campus information systems. In 1989, before the Internet as we know it came into existence, a group of geeks in Chapel Hill foresaw a need to share public information in a meaningful way. They set out to create a digital bulletin board service for the local community. By 1996, RTPNet was providing e-mail, listervs and Web site hosting. Today they serve more than 100 nonprofits and other community organizations in North Carolina.

Pamela Cooney

World Computer Exchange(WCE)

I work for World Computer Exchange(WCE), a global environment and educational nonprofit with strong deployment skills and a network of thousands of grassroots groups in 68 developing countries.  Since 1999, WCE has helped connect a million youth in developing countries to the skills, opportunities and understanding of the Internet ~ while keeping working computers out of landfills.

 I am not an IT person per se, but rather as a general administrator responsible for coordinating volunteer recruitment and volunteer chapters in the US and finances.

Johanna Bates

Community Partners

Johanna is the technology manager at Community Partners where she2008 NTENny Winner develops the website and writes grants. She does this work because she likes to de-mystify the internet for 2009 NTEN Booster2009 NTEN Boosterpeople who don't eat, sleep, and breathe on it like she does.