Meet the NTEN Community

The NTEN Community is full of great folks. Here are just a few of them.

Deborah Elizabeth Finn

Technology for the Nonprofit and Philanthropic Sector

Deborah Elizabeth Finn lives to bring resources and needs together seamlessly in the nonprofit sector, mostly through strategic use of2008 NTENny Winner information and communication technologies. She loves everything about her work except being an independent consultant, and would much rather be a cog in a machine. Her past and current clients, all of whom she adores, include Third Sector New England, the Public Conversations Project, Changing The Present, Social Markets, Earth Track, the Food Project, Massachusetts Law Reform Institute, IDEAS Boston, and the Massachusetts Nonprofit Network. She is a founding member of the Information Systems Forum, the Ethos Roundtable, Mission-Based Massachusetts, the Massachusetts Nonprofit Technology Working Group, and the Boston Technobabes. In her spare time, she captions photographs for LOLnptech.Org, reads Victorian literature, listens to Counter-Reformation liturgical music, and indulges her compulsion to introduce everyone on the planet to everyone else.

Sarah Davies


Sarah spends her days working for NPower, a nonprofit that provides technology support and training to other nonprofits. She also volunteers for the nonprofit Freedeom for IP and can rant at length about the idiosyncracies of US copyright and patent law.

Dottie Hodges

Northridge Interactive

Dottie leads the Nonprofit services division of Northridge Interactive, where she is responsible for providing leadership and strategic direction for nonprofit clients in the areas of online fundraising and advocacy, marketing, and user experience. A fourteen year veteran of the nonprofit technology space -- and a prior veteran of the nonprofit environmental space -- Dottie specializes and excels in process development and management, site architecture and user interface leadership, and website audit methodology and execution, and has delivered many speaking engagements on these topics. Dottie lives with her husband and their three corgis in Atlanta and St. Simons Island, GA. She enjoys triathlon training and racing, birding, and photography. She is a master writer of haikus, the best person to ask for advice on room colors, and obsesses about the novels she could write if she had the time.

Judi Sohn

C3:Colorectal Cancer Coalition

2008 NTENny WinnerJudi Sohn is Vice President of Operations for C3: Colorectal Cancer Coalition, an organization she helped found in 2005 after losing her father to colon cancer in 1999. Judi brings her nearly 10 years of experience as a 2009 NTEN Booster2009 NTEN Boostertechnology consultant and blogger into focus around tools that bring a widely distributed team together. Now with just 6 paid staff members, C3 is recognized as the leading patient advocacy organization focused solely on the needs of the colorectal cancer community. In her non-C3 life, Judi blogs about her adventures in nonprofit technology on her personal website, and she also serves as Managing Editor of Web Worker Daily, a GigaOM website.

Maddie Grant, CAE


Maddie is an association/nonprofit blogger on social media, 2009 NTENny Winnercommunity building, designing in public. Her Washington, DC based company SocialFish helps organizations develop social media strategy. Maddie holds NTEN office hours every Thursday at 3pm ET in the Communications office.