Meet the NTEN Community

The NTEN Community is full of great folks. Here are just a few of them.

Eve Simon

Beaconfire Consulting

Eve’s 14 years of online visual design, user experience and creative management in both the corporate and nonprofit sectors makes 2009 NTEN Booster2009 NTEN Boosterher either a quirky dinner party guest or a font of random knowledge. Either way, as Creative Director at Beaconfire Consulting, she’s responsible for all aspects of the design process from start to finish. When not helping make the world a better place (one website at a time), Eve is an Adjunct Professor of web design at The American University School of Communication, volunteers with her therapy dog Max, and wears an inordinate amount of black.

Scarlett Swerdlow

Illinois Arts Alliance

Scarlett is the Advocacy and Communications Director at the Illinois Arts Alliance. Scarlett's portfolio includes grassroots organizing, brand management, and Web initiatives.  She's especially interested in the potential of social media to build and strengthen nonprofit brands.  When AFK, Scarlett enjoys reading mysteries, drinking tea, and boxing.

Mark Gillingham

Great Books Foundation

2008 NTENny Winner Using open source, ingenuity, and expertise, Mark Gillingham is transforming the Great Books Foundation into a wide-awake high-tech organization. He's also a sailor who's planning to sail his boat from harbor to harbor in Lake Michigan.

Jocelyn Harmon

Triplex Interactive

Jocelyn is Director of Business Development for Triplex Interactive, an infoGroup 2009 NTEN Booster2009 NTEN BoosterCompany.  Triplex Interactive provides nonprofits with the data they need to power their email marketing and social media programs. Before joining Triplex Interactive, Jocelyn was Director of Sales and Marketing for NPower Greater DC Region, a nonprofit which provides technology consulting and IT support to hundreds of charitable organizations each year.

Jocelyn is also keeper of the blog Marketing for Nonprofits and writes a bi-monthly column for Fundraising Success. She's passionate about helping nonprofits succeed online so that they can change the world.

Judy Hallman


Judy Hallman was a founding member of RTPNet and has been its executive2008 NTENny Winner director for almost 13 years. She started her career providing support for nonprofits after retiring from UNC-Chapel Hill, where she helped introduce the university to the Internet as a documentation and 2009 NTEN Booster2009 NTEN Boostertraining specialist for campus information systems. In 1989, before the Internet as we know it came into existence, a group of geeks in Chapel Hill foresaw a need to share public information in a meaningful way. They set out to create a digital bulletin board service for the local community. By 1996, RTPNet was providing e-mail, listervs and Web site hosting. Today they serve more than 100 nonprofits and other community organizations in North Carolina.