Meet the NTEN Community

The NTEN Community is full of great folks. Here are just a few of them.

Mary Gross


After spending many years in both the nonprofit and private sectors working with2008 NTENny Winner information and technology, Mary found her home in the NTAP world in 2003. It’s the perfect blend of serving people helping other people and using technology to inspire their imagination. Mary serves as the director of the InfoTAP program with Nonprofit Management Solutions. Through InfoTAP, Mary and her team assist organizations with technology planning, networking needs, database planning and implementation and her favorite Websites! NTEN has served as a principle resource for Mary’s work with nonprofits in San Diego.

John Dukovich

Green Moon Solutions

John is the founder and CEO of Green Moon Solutions, focusing on Internet technology solutions for nonprofits and small businesses. After stints in the military and corporate consulting, he moved into the nonprofit field about a decade ago. He's been to every NTC since 2006 when he became addicted to the information exchange and personal interaction the event provides. When not writing code, analyzing the latest CMSs, or tweaking a database, John likes to run, paint, and hike.

Katrin Verclas

Katrin Verclas is co-founder and editor of, a global network of2008 NTENny Winner practitioners using mobile phones in social change work. She was, until recently, also the Executive Director of NTEN, and now sits on the Board. Katrin is passionate about the use of technology in democratic participation, economic empowerment, community organizing, and government accountability. She believes in the importance of community, the power of networks, the good will of people, our ability to collaborate for a common good, the inherent political-ness of everyday life, and the power of people using technology to better this world. She is currently engaged in researching and writing a publication on mobile use in civil society with the UN Foundation and Vodafone Foundation Group, among other projects.

Eve Simon

Beaconfire Consulting

Eve’s 14 years of online visual design, user experience and creative management in both the corporate and nonprofit sectors makes 2009 NTEN Booster2009 NTEN Boosterher either a quirky dinner party guest or a font of random knowledge. Either way, as Creative Director at Beaconfire Consulting, she’s responsible for all aspects of the design process from start to finish. When not helping make the world a better place (one website at a time), Eve is an Adjunct Professor of web design at The American University School of Communication, volunteers with her therapy dog Max, and wears an inordinate amount of black.

Lou August

Save the Children

Lou is the Director of Technology Partnerships at Save the Children, a large international non-profit organization, where he builds 2009 NTENny Winnertechnology education and economic opportunity programs for countries in the developing world. Previously, Lou also served at the Headquarters of the American Red Cross at the landfall of Hurricane Katrina, where he created and implemented the largest coordinated private sector disaster response in history, yielding nearly $100 million worth of aid to the gulf coast. Lou founded and is also the current president of the Wilderness Technology Alliance, a non-profit organization providing character and technology skills for the underprivileged.