The Rob Stuart Memorial Award

The Rob Stuart Memorial Award honors the spirit of the man who was so pivotal in creating our community. Rob was a builder – of communities, of ideas, and of movements. Central to all of this work was the idea that technology can accelerate the pace of change, making it possible for movements to grow overnight and for change to be created in new and surprising ways.

Each year, we celebrate Rob by selecting a community that uses technology to disrupt the status quo.

The 2016 Award Winner

Community Technology Network

ctcBayCommunity Technology Network‘s mission is to unite organizations and volunteers to transform lives through digital literacy. By connecting local community members with resources and education, Community Technology Network (CTN) makes a profound and measurable difference in people’s lives. CTN has empowered thousands of low-income Bay Area residents not only to become digitally literate, but also to give back to their communities as technology advocates, mentors, and trainers.

Many fine organizations are working to spread Internet connectivity to the underserved, but access to technology is only a partial solution. As CTN founder Kami Griffiths says, “That’s like giving a car to someone who doesn’t know how to drive.” CTN is working hard to close the digital divide through education and outreach. Because of CTN programs, people who have never used a computer before have learned to access social services online, video chat with family a continent away, read the news, and more.

Past winners: