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8 Best Practice Steps for Every Community

Submitted on Fri, 2/13/2015 - 3:23pm
Your community may be awesome, but it needs tending to thrive and grow well.

2015 Is the Year of the Community Manager

Submitted on Thu, 2/12/2015 - 12:17pm
The success of Community Management Appreciation Day (CMAD) is proof positive that the role of the community manager is ascendant.

Announcing the 2015 Digital Outlook Report

Submitted by Joleen Ong on Wed, 02/11/2015 - 10:21pm

What does digital strategy look like in your organization? We asked, and nearly 500 of you responded! In collaboration with Care2 and hjc, we are excited to release the first ever 2015 Digital Outlook Report that captures the digital strategy landscape in nonprofits, as well as strategies in 2015 for staffing, tactics, tools, and more. Download this free report, which includes seven steps for digital strategy success in 2015.

The Rise of Online Harassment: An interview with Allyson Kapin

Submitted on Tue, 2/10/2015 - 3:40pm
Online harassment is a real concern and one that online communities must acknowledge and address.

Igniting the 15NTC stage at lightning speed

Submitted by Megan on Tue, 02/10/2015 - 8:01am

We're kicking the 15NTC off at lightning speed with Ignite presentations. Check out these high-speed, high-energy presentations coming soon to the 15NTC main stage!

Tips and Tools for Board and Committee Engagement

Submitted on Mon, 2/9/2015 - 1:25pm
Your board of directors care about your mission enough to serve in a leadership role for your organization. How can you engage them meaningfully?

NTEN Member Roundup

Submitted by Megan on Mon, 02/09/2015 - 2:16pm

Check out the latest articles, news, and events from NTEN Members!

Level up at 15NTC: Don't miss Days of Service

Submitted by James on Thu, 02/05/2015 - 1:15pm

One way to take the NTC experience to a whole new level is by volunteering for the Days of Service event, hosted alongside the conference. It’s a chance for everyone who’s going to the 15NTC to give a little love back to the host community by contributing their talents to local projects.

The Best Tool To Manage (And Grow) Your Twitter Audience Without Wasting Time

Submitted on Thu, 2/5/2015 - 7:25am
Beyond your Twitter feed: here's a 10-tip how-to on using Hootsuite as a tool to better connect with your people.