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How Atlas Corps Took the Lead in America's Giving Challenge

Submitted by Brett on Fri, 01/11/2008 - 3:14pm
Scott Beale, Atlas Service Corps

We're about half way through the six-week long America's Giving Challenge sponsored by the Case Foundation, Parade Magazine, GlobalGiving, and Network for Good. At this point, I am excited to share with you that Atlas Corps is in the second spot of the Global Causes category.

I want to share with you what has worked for us in this contest, as we have motivated over 275 people to give about $8,000, putting us in the second spot (for now).

Evaluating Free and Open Source Software

Submitted by Brett on Fri, 01/11/2008 - 3:11pm
Michelle Murrain, NOSI

You've gotten used to evaluating software for use in your organization. You have a specific need to fill, you look around for the list of software that can fill that need, make sure that the feature set matches, that you have the budget, and that the company or vendor is reputable, and can provide the support you need. But how do you evaluate free and open source software?

The un-Wired Nonprofit and the Ruler: Investing in Leadership

Submitted by Holly on Fri, 01/11/2008 - 10:11am

Flickr Photo: pedrosimoes7I'm working on my presentation for the Legal Services Corporation's Technology Initiative Grants Conference -- say that three times fast! -- where I'm scheduled to talk about the un-Wired nonprofit. There are so many amazing things happening with wireless around the country, and so many more amazing things happening with mobile, that I'm having a hard time focusing.

It's a real joy to think about and explore such fun stuff for a good cause. It's definitely my favorite part of my work: dreaming big and making connections. And now is a great time to dream big. With all the buzz about social media, we've entered another heady period in the history of technology. It's cool to be a geek again!

In the middle of all that big dreaming, I was brought back to earth with a thud by an email we got here at the office this morning from marketing professional at a small organization asking about scholarships for the NTC.

Write a Book with Us: The Tech for Good Guide

Submitted by Holly on Thu, 01/10/2008 - 12:50pm

Flickr Photo: inkswampThe NTEN Tech for Good Guide is on its way, and we want it to be written by you. We're inviting NTEN members to submit chapter proposals for our latest venture -- a book about technology leadership.

But hurry: The deadline for chapter proposals is January 24th!

Technology is changing the way the world does business. Nonprofits need not only to keep up with but lead in their creative uses of technology to accomplish their missions and make the world a better place.

Nonprofit leaders need to know how IT can help extend the reach and scope of their organizations. Few senior leaders have a background in technology, however, and often feel intimidated by the subject.

The NTEN Tech for Good Guide, a book to be published by Wiley & Sons in early 2009, will address this need. It will demystify the use of technology in nonprofit organizations, providing its audience with clear, accessible advice, strategies, and case studies in simple, non-technical language.

To learn more about what we're looking for and how to submit a proposal, visit:

Google Apps Webinar, Free from NTEN

Submitted by Brett on Thu, 01/10/2008 - 12:49pm

Many organizations -- including NTEN -- have made the switch to Google Apps. If you're contemplating the move, but find yourself frustrated by a lack of quality information, we've got you covered.

Join NTEN and Fig Leaf Software on Tuesday, January 15 for the FREE Product Spotlight Webinar, "Intro To Google Apps". With Google Apps, you can give your employees the next-generation communication and collaboration tools they need to manage electronic communications, share and publish information, and stay connected while on the go. And the best part is that it is all hosted by Google, so there is no hardware or software to download, install or maintain.

> Learn More and Register Today

Giving Challenges: Beth Kanter Turns 51

Submitted by Brett on Wed, 01/09/2008 - 3:18pm

[Ed. Note: As you probably know, the Case Foundation, together with Facebook Causes and Parade magazine, is going to award $750,000 to charity. The NTEN Blog has been running profiles on some of the participants.]

To celebrate her 51st birthday on January 11th, Beth Kanter is "...trying to get 51 people to donate $10 in 51 hours to the Sharing Foundation's America's Giving Challenge over at Global Giving."

Now, while we here at NTEN in no way believe that Beth is actually 51, we certainly support her efforts on behalf of the Sharing Foundation's Roteang Orphanage. NTEN community, you know what to do:

Thanks for all your efforts on behalf of the NPTech community and the world in general, Beth.  You rock.

Happy Birthday from Brett, Holly, Annaliese, Karl, and Anna.

Giving Challenges: Fellowship of Reconciliation, Part 2

Submitted by Brett on Wed, 01/09/2008 - 2:29pm

[Ed. Note: As you probably know, the Case Foundation, together with Facebook Causes and Parade magazine, is going to award $750,000 to charity. To help illuminate the process and generate discussion and ideas, the NTEN Connect Blog will be posting occasional updates from actual participants in the Challenges. You may want to read Ruby's first post, as well.]

Ruby Sinreich, Fellowship of Reconciliation

First, an update: My attention to Facebook recruiting fell off during the holidays and has not recovered much since. In addition, the realization that we not going to win any prizes has been demotivational. Our cause, "Peace and Justice through Nonviolence", is now up to 81 members and $235 in donations. As Beth Kanter recently pointed out, social networks are often not as effective for fundraising as they are for awareness raising.

This week, I bring you some advice for marketing your cause on Facebook, or anywhere else: Write a personal note!

Coming From NTEN, January 14-18

Submitted by Brett on Mon, 01/07/2008 - 4:53pm

We hope your holidays were peaceful and that you're as excited about the possibilities of 2008 as everyone here at NTEN.

Don't forget that the Early Bird deadline for NTC 2008 registration is January 15th, just about a week away. If you're planning on attending the NTC -- and we hope you are -- be sure to save those $100 by registering soon.

It's also not too late to sign up for the NTEN Technology Leadership Series, presented by John Kenyon, kicking off this Thursday, January 10th, with "Getting the Big Picture: Intro to ICT Systems and Analysis". You can register for the full series or individual webinars.

More to the point: we have four fresh webinars coming at you next week:

The WiFi Dance Continues

Submitted by Holly on Mon, 01/07/2008 - 11:39am

When Earthlink famously pulled out of its deal with San Francisco to install a city-wide wireless network, many individuals declared it the nail in the municipal wireless coffin. It's true that municipal wireless projects are getting knocked around all over the country: the Philadelphia and Minneapolis projects have also come under heavy fire. These criticisms have led lots of folks to question the whole idea of ubiquitous access.

What's more telling than all the hoopla is the fact the communities are persistent, insistent even, about developing wireless solutions. Check out the latest from San Francisco.

It may take a while, but communities will figure this out for themselves. Are you part of the discussion in your community?

Where Does Your Candidate Stand on Tech?

Submitted by Holly on Mon, 01/07/2008 - 11:01am

Flickr Photo: merfamWhen you ask folks what issues matter most to them in this election, technology almost never tops the list. But there are a number of technology issues being debated in the policy arena that could profoundly change our daily lives as individuals, and as nonprofits.

Net Neutrality, copyright, and Internet surveillance are just a few of the topics politicos are addressing these days. Lucky for us, CNET compiled detailed responses from a number of the presidential candidates about where they stand. Not all candidates chose to respond, but here are the answers from those who did:

Sadly, Stewart and Colbert did not respond.