NTEN Is Hiring a CEO

Submitted by Amy on Tue, 02/05/2013 - 10:44am

NTEN has retained Heller Search Associates to recruit our next CEO.  As you know, NTEN's objective is to help nonprofits maximize the use of technology to fulfill their missions. The CEO will develop the operational and strategic plans of the organization while directing revenue generating efforts and developing relationships with membership constituencies and key strategic partners. We believe that laughter, irreverence, fun, and a deep joy about what is and what is possible are essential to our work.

For more information about this opportunity, located in Portland, OR, please send an e-mail to Pam Kurko, recruiter, at pam@hellersearch.com.

Areas of Accountability Include:

Organizational Management and Development

  • Collaborate with Board of Directors and staff to develop NTEN’s annual budget, operational plans, and strategic plan. 
  • Provide energetic leadership and strategic direction to NTEN staff and consultants to develop and deliver ambitious and high-impact programs.

Revenue Generation

  • Manage and execute NTEN’s fundraising efforts, including philanthropic and corporate foundation grants, NTC sponsorship and exhibitor sales, and membership development. 
  • Maintain relationships with membership constituencies and key NTEN partners.

Sector Leadership 

  • Position NTEN as the leader in the nonprofit technology community through speaking, writing, and visible thought leadership. 
  • Assure that NTEN’s mission and programs consistently presented in a strong, positive image to public, stakeholders, the community, and the media.

Responsibilities Include:

Organizational Management and Development

  • Lead NTEN staff and Board in the development of NTEN’s annual budget and operational plan.
  • Work with the Board, staff and stakeholders to envision and implement NTEN’s long-term strategic growth.
  • Supervise NTEN’s talented Senior Staff team and ensure that they have the resources, guidance and support necessary to thrive in a dynamic and fast-moving sector.
  • Ensure strong internal communication and coordination among staff; hire new staff when appropriate, and evaluate performance; enhance opportunities across the organization for personal and professional leadership development. 
  • Ensure that all programmatic goals are met.
  • Oversee the development of innovative and sector-relevant NTEN content.
  • Provide support and collaborative leadership to the Board of Directors in its oversight, planning and fiduciary responsibilities.
  • Report to the Board on programmatic and financial matters.

Revenue Generation

  • In partnership with Board and staff, establish and implement fundraising goals and activities, including foundation grants, sponsor and exhibitor sales, and membership development effort.
  • Initiate and maintain relationships with philanthropic and corporate foundations.
  • Develop and execute grant proposals for both general operating and project grants, and complete follow-up grant reports;
  • Initiate and maintain relationships with current and prospective sponsors and exhibitors.
  • Identify opportunities to increase membership and individual donation revenue.
  • Expand and enhance revenue-generating opportunities for NTEN.
  • Initiate and maintain relationships among key leaders within various NTEN membership constituencies.  
  • Work to understand members’ needs and develop responsive partnerships and programming.
  • Identify and execute opportunities to increase the value of NTEN membership and to continually increase the number of NTEN members.
  • Initiate and maintain relationships with organizations and individuals who are key NTEN partners, including all program collaborators, conference co-hosts, member partners, and others.
  • Identify strategic partnership opportunities and collaborate with NTEN staff to develop diverse and sustainable partnerships.

Sector Leadership 

  • Identify and anticipate needs of the sector and work with the Board of Directors and Staff to develop strategies to meet those needs.  
  • Participate in sector events and publications as speaker and author.
  • Represent NTEN through direct involvement and through public relations programs, including personal contact, public speaking, literature, and the media.

Knowledge, Skills & Experience

  • Extensive knowledge of the nonprofit technology field and current state of technology deployment in the nonprofit sector.
  • Seven to ten years of progressive experience in nonprofit management, with an emphasis on foundation fundraising, nonprofit collaborations and partnerships, and business development.  We will consider candidates who have not come from the non-profit sector but possess the necessary leadership and executive management attributes. 
  • Three to five years of senior executive experience, with an emphasis on staff management, strategic and financial planning, and reporting to a Board of Directors.
  • Strong community organizing and leadership skills, with an emphasis on serving a diverse range of constituencies.
  • Exceptional interpersonal and communication skills; a sense of humor and engaging and collaborative leadership style.  
  • Experience as a CEO and experience with a membership association is a significant plus, but not an absolute requirement.  


The Chief Executive Officer will be located in NTEN’s headquarters in Portland, OR.

What makes this opportunity compelling?

The successful candidate will enjoy the opportunity to

  • Lead a non-profit organization that has a meaningful and compelling mission.
  • Have a major impact on the success a wide range of non-profit organizations. Work directly with a highly influential Board of Directors. 
  • Provide the strategic vision to grow an important organization.
  • Command the respect of a large and varied community of leaders.