New Study and Case Studies: Nonprofit Organizational Culture in the Cloud

Submitted by Annaliese on Thu, 09/06/2012 - 1:39pm

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Technology aside, it’s clear that the advent of Cloud-based solutions has had an impact on the culture of our work as nonprofits. It’s changed the jobs we do, both within the IT department and in more mission-related positions, and how we’re able to do them. From collaboration to telecommuting and distributed workforces to sharing back office services, it’s changed the way we think about mobility and how we define “the office.”

The idea of Cloud culture is somewhat nebulous. Where do you draw the line between the technology or the benefits it can bring, and cultural changes as a result of that technology?

Working with the great folks at Idealware to conduct this research, we asked a number of people—everyone from end users at nonprofits that have implemented Cloud-based solutions to IT people to shared back office service providers to consultants—and got a number of answers.

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