Data-Driven Nonprofits: Issue 7 of NTEN:Change is Live!

Submitted by Annaliese on Tue, 09/04/2012 - 11:44am

Whether you call it "data-driven", "data-informed", "evidence-based", or something else, making smarter decisions and strategies for your organization is something every nonprofit leader strives for—and what the latest issue of NTEN:Change is all about.

While data about your organization's work can come in many forms—whether qualitative constituent feedback or the number of meals delivered to a population, the open rate of your email newsletter or even public census information about education levels in your community—it should all help you and your staff determine the impact you're making and the path you should follow to achieve your mission.

In Issue 7 of NTEN:Change, A Quarterly Journal for Nonprofit Leaders, we approach the challenges and opportunities of data for nonprofit organizational leaders.

NTEN's publication, designed especially for busy nonprofit executive directors, departmental directors, boards, and other leadership staff, is free and hot off the press. In the current issue you'll find:

  • "How Your Organization Can Embrace Data--And Use What it Can Teach You," by KD Paine, measurement expert and author.
  • "Keeping Track of Your People Power: HR and Technology in the Nonprofit World," from Idealware's Elizabeth Pope.
  • Case-Studies: Three Stories of HR Management, plus a closer look at one small organization's migration of mission-critical data to a new database in the cloud.
  • An Interview with The Knight Foundation's Mayur Patel on measuring and demonstrating impact.
  • DIY ROI: Use this checklist from Network for Good's Tanya Lee to make smarter technology investments for your org.

We also feature content from the experts at The Sunlight Foundation, Network for Good, the NTEN community, a podcast from the CTK Foundation, and... I couldn't possibly list everything here, so please check out the new issue to see more (and make sure your Executive Director and Board Members read this):