How Much Coffee Did We Drink? The 2012 NTC By the Numbers

Submitted by Sarah on Thu, 05/10/2012 - 12:11pm

photo from Broken Banjo Photographyphoto from Broken Banjo Photography

We've already established the successes and failures of the 2012 Nonprofit Technology Conference, but what about the straightforward facts? In the interest of maintaining transparency (and fueling our nerd fire), we thought we would give everyone more of what we all love: data!

1772 NPTechies registered for 2012 NTC. With a limited number of early bird tickets this year, we were unsure how the registrations would come in, but it followed a similar pattern as previous years, with 50% of attendees registering in the first 3 months. Regardless of when you registered, on Tuesday, April 3, we snatched up 755 rooms at the Hilton. That's 40% of the hotel.

This year, 137 of you tuned in to the Online NTC, representing 30 states, 6 countries, and 3 continents. Beyond the live streamed sessions and plenaries, with the help of Maddie Grant, we managed to pull in 28 rock star community members to share their knowledge and observations in short interviews between the sessions. You can watch all those interviews here.

Perhaps it was the stable Internet connection, but this year saw the highest number of 12NTC mentions on social media, totally 16,897 mentions throughout the three days of the conference - 5,495 more than 11NTC. The majority of the online conversation, 98%, happened on Twitter. In fact, we trended globally all 3 days of the conference.

Speaking of the Internet, we spent over 20 hours in pre-event meetings to ensure it worked this year - and trust us, every minute was worth it. Over the three days, our average bandwidth was 28.24 MB. On the last day of the conference we saw 1740 unique devices access the network, just about 1 per person.

There were 153 sessions this year in 38 different meeting rooms across 2 hotels. With each session lasting 90 minutes, that's 229.5 hours spent sharing and collecting knowledge. Individual session hashtags (not included in the mentions above) were used 7,921 times April 3 - 5. The most talked about session was Picturing Your Data is Better than 1,000 Numbers with Beth Kanter, Brian Kennedy, and Johanna Morariu, mentioned 803 times online during the NTC.

Each year, the NTC is made possible by our generous sponsors and exhibitors. At the 2012 NTC, we had 109 of them, with 91 booths in the Science Fair - our largest yet! This year, the Kindle Fire ousted the iPad as the most popular tech giveaway at the event: 5 were handed out during raffles.

If you used myNTC to find your sessions and meet other attendees, you weren't alone. 71% of you logged in to the system ,which tracked 11,280 check ins, 1,297 messages sent and 132 meetings created.

The love didn't stop when the conference was over, either. So far, we've counted 67 blog posts about the event; you can view links to them, and add any we missed, here. 658 of you filled out the conference evaluation, where 73.4% thought the NTC was "well worth" the 3 days away from the office.

What does it take to make this all happen? Well, this time aroun,d it took 12 NTEN staff members, a crew of 7 from our amazing production team at Groundswell Marketing, 5 internet wizards (their new official NTC title) from Mariette Systems, 3 live stream experts from Peach New Media, 6 dedicated hotel event staff, 8 temps, 36 incredible volunteers, 12 months of planning, and 312.5 gallons of coffee. That's right, 5,000 cups.

Last but not least, it takes all of you - the 11,000 NTEN Members and 50,000 community members across the globe who continue to inspire us, surprise us, and show up to make each NTC more awesome than the last.