Working in the Stratosphere: Cloud-Based Tools, Services, and Opportunities

Submitted by Brett on Tue, 05/01/2012 - 4:25pm

Can Cloud-based tools make your nonprofit more efficient? Join us for this free 3-part webinar series to explore the options in three of your nonprofit's core function areas.

Thanks to the generous support of Google, we're able to offer you these awesome series for free!

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Webinars in this free series include:

May 7 - Fundraising Tools, Services & Opportunities in the Cloud

Before you can fundraising, you need the right online tools. Learn about the latest and greatest online fundraising platforms and how to leverage them to raise money for your organization. We'll also present best practices for using these online tools and how to operate fully integrated, multi-channeled communications and fundraising programs.

May 14 - Communication Tools, Services & Opportunities in the Cloud

What tools in the cloud can be employed for Collaboration, Social Media, Marketing, Website/Content Management and more? In this webinar, you'll learn about tools for Communicators.

May 21 - Tools, Services & Opportunities in the Cloud for Operations and Programs

Learn about some of the most popular cloud-based tools that support programs and operations, including Document Management, Online Storage/Backup, Constituent Management and more. We'll show you how these tools can be used and discuss their strengths and weaknesses. Tools covered include:, Cloud Drive, Dropbox, Google Docs, Office 365, and iBackup.

Top experts in the sector will help us discover the tools to consider, show us what they can do, and give us examples of how they are used. Learn about the new opportunities these tools present and how other nonprofits are using them.

This series is geared towards nonprofit organizations investigating cloud-based solutions and want to learn more about their options. For information on the strategies for using cloud-based tools, see our recent series Nonprofits & Cloud Computing: A Guide to Navigating the Nonprofit Cloud, which will help you gain an understand of the cloud, learn to assess risks and opportunities, and navigate the ins and outs of financing cloud solutions.