Member Round Up: Active as ever!

Submitted by Amanda on Fri, 04/27/2012 - 12:01pm

Flickr: NTEN: Nonprofit TechnologyFlickr: NTEN: Nonprofit Technology

We're still catching our breath from the NTC earlier this month, but the nonprofit technology community is as active as ever this week! Learn more about these stories and all the ways NTEN Members are amping up the awesome.

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If you attended the 2012 Nonprofit Technology Conference, our amazing photographer may have snapped your photo. Review all the photos from the conference, including all the fun moments captured in the old technology photobooth.

The 4th annual Women Who Tech TeleSummit will take place on May 23, 2012. Women Who Tech brings together talented and renowned women who use their tech-savvy skills to transform the world and inspire change. WWT is a telesummit, meaning you can participate from your home, office, or anywhere else that you have phone and Internet access!

Face Off Against Tobacco is a campaign designed to raise awareness about the dangers of tobacco and show support for increasing the price of these products. According to the campaign, headed by Nancy Marks, studies show that tobacco price increases are one of the most effective ways to reduce the use of tobacco, especially among youth. Check out the campaign’s use of Flickr and Tumblr!

There is an amazing position open with an even more amazing company! Idealware is searching for a Senior Nonprofit Software Researcher.

Too many NTEN members to name were interviewed in Convio’s recent video survey. The results of the survey are compiled in a new report which highlights fundraising and constituent engagement as the biggest hurdle for the nonprofit sector.

If you’re headed to the National Conference on Volunteering and Service, don’t miss out on NTEN’s pre-conference event on Social Media. Holly Ross and Amy Sample Ward will be hosting the fun on June 17th.

Funding Mobile Strategies for Social Impact is ZeroDivide’s newest white paper, a great look into nonprofits' uses of mobile technologies. They hope their new white paper will help ramp up the conversation among nonprofits and funders on how grantees can use mobile technologies more efficiently to reach their missions.

Lastly, I’d like to share some news that is bittersweet. After four and a half years, NTEN’s Program Director, Anna Richter, will be leaving NTEN for new adventures. While we are excited to see her move on to new things, we are sad she will not be in the office laughing with us every day. May the force be with you! That said, we’re looking for an amazing Program Director.

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