Pinterest: The Next Big Thing for Nonprofits (or Just Digital Scrapbooking)?

Submitted by Brett on Thu, 04/19/2012 - 11:51am

What are your thoughts about Pinterest?

I've heard a lot of opinions about it over the last few weeks, from "It's just digital scrapbooking (get over it)" to "Pinterest can replace your blog!"

As with most tools, the truth lies somewhere in between – depending on your goals. Facebook used to be just a place for college kids to hang out; Twitter was a good way to tell the world what you had for lunch... and Orkut and Friendster never really caught on.

We can't say what the next big thing will be, but the great thing about nonprofit technology is that you can use the available tools in ways their creators never foresaw. Pinterest can be what you make it, within the framework its developers have established.

We'll take a look some of the ways nonprofits are already using Pinterest to build awareness and drive traffic to their websites at our upcoming webinar, "Pinterest: Show Me All About It."

> Learn more and register today!

> Learn more and register today!

At this webinar, you'll learn to:

  • Say it with pictures. Whether your organization joins Pinterest or not, visuals are an essential part of communications in today's multimedia landscape.
  • Know your audience. Pinterest users skew female, affluent, and young. Doesn't sound like your current donor or activism base? Perhaps it's time to branch out.
  • Focus on solutions. Moving people to action requires a threat or problem, but we all have doom and gloom fatigue. Pinterest is a place to highlight the positive.

Pinterest is an invitation to play, so let's have some fun while we're working to change the world.