Thank You Champions!

Submitted by Holly on Tue, 01/10/2012 - 9:43am

Flickr photo: woodley wonderworksFlickr photo: woodley wonderworksYet again, the NTEN community has come together to support each other and the work that we do.

In November and December of last year, you came together to raise $15,000 to help us provide more local programs and community support at NTEN. To top it off, your donations were matched dollar for dollar by the NTEN board!

We are so proud to be part of a network of people who care so deeply about the work they do – and each other. Thank you for your donations to NTEN, and for supporting the community in this way.

With your support, you'll see new 501TechClubs popping up around the country this year, and existing clubs will see more support for local events. It's all part of of the most important work we do here at NTEN: connecting you to each other and the ideas that help you use technology to change the world.

In the coming weeks, you'll see some posts from NTEN staff about how we ran the campaign, what worked, and what didn't. But for now, I want to thank everyone who supported the campaign, especially the champions who put their personal selves on the line for NTEN.

They not only asked friends for donations, they wrote songs, promised to dance, and otherwise exemplified everything that makes the NTEN community so darn, well, awesome. If you cross paths with these guys in the interwebs or IRL, give them a high five:

  • John Merritt
  • Margaux O'Malley
  • Farra Trompeter
  • David Krumlauf
  • Beth Kanter
  • Steve Heye
  • Dahna Goldstein
  • Peggy Duvette
  • John Dukovich
  • Danielle Brigida
  • Jereme Bivins
  • Robert Weiner
  • Darian Heyman
  • Corey Pudhorodsky
  • Jono Smith
  • Wendy Harman
  • Michael Hoffman
  • David J Neff
  • Randal Moss

And of course, we could not have managed our first ever year-end campaign without the support of the NTEN board fundraising committee chaired by Katya Andresen with Jocelyn Harmon, Tom Krackeler, Jody Mahoney, and Michael Schreiber.