Announcing the 2012 NTC Scholarship Application

Submitted by Holly on Thu, 01/05/2012 - 11:48am

photo: Robert Weinerphoto: Robert WeinerToday, I am excited to announce that the application for scholarships to the 2012 Nonprofit Technology Conference is officially open. If you work at an organization with a budget under $1 million and you would like to join us April 3-5 in San Francisco, we invite you to apply today!

> Apply for a scholarship to the 2012 NTC

One of our core beliefs here at NTEN is that we are only as strong as our community. The strength of our community is derived from, among other things, its diversity. The diversity of experiences, world-views, and opinions allows us to challenge and push each other to greater heights.

That's why the NTC Scholarship campaign is one of my favorite programs each year. Through the NTC scholarship program, and with the support of Convio, we are able to send 50 small nonprofits to the conference, ensuring that it's not just the big organizations that get to attend. 

The icing on the cake is that it's you, the NTEN community, who support each other so well! Each year, you help us raise $10,000, generously matched dollar for dollar by Convio.

Long-time members know that we try to entertain you along the way, and this year is no exception. Each week of the campaign, we'll share a new video with you, chronicling the NTEN staff efforts to raise those scholarship funds.

As you help us raise the money, you, the community, will get to choose your reward: a live musical performance of your choice, performed by the NTEN staff!

So keep your RSS readers tuned to the NTEN blog for updates and check out our first installment: