30 Super Useful Nonprofit Hashtags – Twitter Chats, Too!

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By Kerri Karvetski, Owner, Company K Media

Twitter really shines as a communications tool when you use it with hashtags. Hashtags are words or phrases prefixed with the hash symbol (#), #justinbeiber for example.

Hashtags have two major benefits – they help your tweets get found (by people who are searching for your subject), and they help you find good content. You can make up your own hashtag – #ihateitwhenthathappens for example – but that’s more of a sentiment than a communications strategy.

Use a hashtag that’s popular and meaningful to your interests – like #nptech, which stands for nonprofit tech – and you’ll tap a powerful vein of conversation and learning.

When you use a popular hashtag like #nptech in your tweets, you’re more apt to get retweets and click-throughs and spur interaction with your followers.

Do a persistent and regular search for a popular industry hashtag – #fundraising is another example – and you have access to a pure, topical news stream. In other words, hashtags let you cut to the chase, and they really sing once you use a tool like Hootsuite or Tweetdeck to monitor the hashtags in streams.

Hootsuite hashtags

My absolute favorite nonprofit hashtag is #nptech because it consistently yields good results. You often see it paired with 1-2 other hashtags to expand the reach of the tweet – #nptech and #fundraising for example. In fact, follow a big hashtag like #nptech to find niche hashtags such as #sm4sg.

Another great use of hashtags is the Twitter chat – a conversation that happens on Twitter that’s focused within a certain time (usually 1-2 hour slot), on a specific topic and by a specific person. Twitter chats often occur on a regular schedule (once a week, twice a month, etc.). Once you learn the hashtag for the chat, you can use a tool such as Tweetchat (specifically designed for Twitter chats) to view the chat and participate in the conversation in real time.

Twitter chats are a fantastic way to discover new people to follow on Twitter.

Here are some popular and consistent hashtags and Twitter chats for nonprofits.

#csrcorporate social responsibility

#ngonongovernmental organization
#npconsnonprofit consultants
#nptechnonprofit tech
#sm4sgsocial media for social good
#socentsocial entrepreneur or social enterprise


#nptalknonprofit talk (weekly Wednesdays, 3-4pm EST | about the chat)
#ynpchatyoung nonprofit professionals (first Wednesday of the month, 4-5pm EST | about the chat)
#npconsnonprofit consultants (third Tuesday of the month, 4-5pm EST | about the chat)
#socentchantsocial entrepreneurs (first Wednesday of the month, 4-6pm EST | about the chat)
#smNPchatsmall nonprofits (every other Friday, 12-1pm EST | about the chat)


This list was put together with help from Beth Kanter, Holly Ross, Amy Sample Ward, Debra Askanase, Garth Moore and John Haydon. My thanks for your contributions here and to nonprofits in general.

Kerri is a 20-year communications veteran who loves cooking up thoughtful, vivid creative strategy and serving it with purpose.

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