Member Round Up: #NTENThanks

Submitted by Amanda on Fri, 11/04/2011 - 11:21am

Flickr:Amber B McNFlickr:Amber B McNEach week, I highlight a few of the accomplishments, projects, and innovative ideas our members contribute to the nonprofit sector. This week in addition to highlighting their work, I want to take a moment and say #NTENThanks! I have the pleasure of reading about all the good our members are doing in the world, and each week, I’m astonished by how much they accomplish. Thank you NTEN members - for using technology and doing good!

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The 2011 Nonprofit Software Development Summit is being held on November 16th, 17th, and 18th in Oakland. Register now to ensure you don’t miss out on this great opportunity to learn from and network with other NPtechies!

Does your organization use YouTube? Well, YouTube just created the YouTube Creator Playbook, which compiles important tips, best practices, and strategies to build a greater audience.

We’ve heard that “slacktivists” are a troubling group for online organizations. They will sign a petition or like a Facebook Page, but lack real commitment to the cause. Kayta Andresen  of Network for Good summarized findings from a Georgetown University study that actually shows that slacktivists are more likely to take meaningful actions. In fact, they are twice as likely to volunteer their time and just as likely as non-social media promoters to donate.

Launching a fundraising campaign? Thinking about asking Kim Kardashian or Bono to be your spokesperson? First you might want to read this well researched paper by Geoff Livingston and Henry Dunbar on “The Effectiveness of Celebrity Spokespeople in Social Fundraisers.”

The Legal Services Corporation (LSC) seeks “to promote innovation in the delivery of legal services and to serve as many people as possible,” according to their president James Sandman. That’s why they awarded $3.6 million (yes, million) in technology grants, to improve access to civil legal assistance for low-income Americans. Read more about the important programs LSC funded.

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