Member Round Up: Diversity Is Strength!

Submitted by Amanda on Fri, 09/16/2011 - 3:16pm

Flickr:King of the Wild FrontierFlickr:King of the Wild FrontierThe diverse reach of NTEN members is key to the strength of our community! This week they announced their innovative conference plans, released impressive fundraising infographics, and even made plans to run through the Sahara Desert to raise money for a cause. Don’t miss out on the opportunities to learn and engage with the NPTech community!

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TribeHR wants to know how your organization innovates. Innovate for Impact is offering a free subscription to Venti softwear and free admission to the Impact99 conference to four innovative nonprofits. Submit all the reasons why your organization is innovative, by October 27th, for a chance to win!

Speaking of innovation, if you’re in the Charleston, SC from November 7-10, you should check out TAG’s 2011 Annual Conference. The theme this year: Powering Philanthropic Innovation.

If your organization specializes in human services, The Bridgespan Group’s article on "Five Ways for Human Service Nonprofits to Reset their Funding Models" is a must read. It’s a thorough, well-written overview on new ways to approach funding models.

Convio recently put out an impressive infographic depicting how much money Americans donate online. Did you know that the average online donation reached $91.94 in 2010?

This year’s No Pain No Gain campaign aims to expand key SANGONeT services to support nonprofit organizations in South Africa. In addition to financial donations, they hope to raise awareness and support for other nonprofits at the forefront of development and community in South Africa. (And, wow, David Bernard is running a five day race through the Sahara Desert to raise money for this campaign!)

What’s new in ePhilanthropy? Norman Reiss addressed that question on his blog this week. He’s got some great takeaways from the Facebook Tactics that Get Results Webinar!

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