Call for Submissions: Contribute to the NTEN Blog, e-Newsletter, and Journal

Submitted by Annaliese on Mon, 08/29/2011 - 2:47pm

Flickr: LexnGerFlickr: LexnGerIn case you hadn't noticed, NTEN is a community of nonprofit and technology professionals sharing information about using technology effectively for nonprofit work. That means all the knowledge behind NTEN resources – the how-tos, best practices, strategy tips, recommendations, etc. – come from the experts and practicioners in our community.

One set of resources we'd like to invite you, the NTEN community, to contribute to, in an on-going way, is our publications:

You might want to check out our submission guidelines, and find answers to FAQs.

What kinds of articles are we looking for?  Well, you can read the full guidelines to get a better sense of what to submit, but in general, we're always looking for articles that:

  • Provide examples of real-word applications of effective technology practices for nonprofits
  • Give step-by-step guidance to help nonprofit staff translate good ideas into action
  • Tackle the organizational issues that come with change: how do you get buy-in for the new technology? how do your train staff to use it?
  • Emphasize process and results: how did you plan the data migration to your new database?  How many new donors did your Twitter campaign convert? 

We're looking forward to reading more about your work and sharing your stories and good ideas with the rest of the nonprofit technology community!