11NTC Round-Up: Your Posts, Highlights, and Take-aways

Submitted by Amy on Tue, 03/29/2011 - 12:36pm

Last week, as I emerged from the post-conference haze of catching up on sleep and clearing my in-box, I started reading through blog posts from attendees and speakers. Then I couldn't stop! There are SO many posts to read that I figured I should round them all up in one place and share them. Hopefully, this means that all of the posts I haven't yet found will be added in the comments and we can all create a comprehensive list together.

If I missed your blog post, I'm sorry! Please just drop it into the comments so we can all check it out!

Session Materials

If you attended the conference, visit myNTC for individual session pages, links, notes, and more. If you did not attend the conference, visit the SlideShare event to review presentations.

Check out notes taken by session attendees throughout the conference using Google Docs, too!


Session Blog Posts

Conference Blog Posts

For Fun

Did you miss Rob Cottingham's cartoon coverage of the conference? Don't fear, you can find all of his conference sketches pulled together on the Social Signal site. And, here are all the photos on Flickr tagged "11NTC"!