The 5th Annual NTEN Member Reception and NTENny Awards (at the Nonprofit Technology Conference)

Submitted by Annaliese on Thu, 03/17/2011 - 4:44pm

While we’re grateful to all members of NTEN, there are, of course, those of you who go beyond the proverbial "call of duty" and impact the NTEN community by providing extra time, resources, and wisdom to assist NTEN's work in this sector. We call you rockstars here on this blog (a lot), but each spring, at NTEN's annual conference, we like to do more than that. We like to annoint a new crop of these nonprofit tech warriors with their very own set of aNTENnae, signifying their special contributions to this special community.

Today, at the 5th Annual NTEN Membership Reception and NTENny Awards at the 11NTC, we unveiled the 2011 NTENnies and their unique contributions to the NTEN community:

Most likely to . . .

  • Recruit all their friends (and total strangers) to join NTEN: Thomas Negron, Carolyn Appleton
  • Be tweeting as their pet: Carie Lewis
  • Be found legitimately working at the conference hotel bar: Michael Sola
  • Be MVP for any harebrained event idea NTEN comes up with: Farra Trompeter
  • Fly across the country on a week’s notice to do a presentation for you: Kurt Voelker
  • Start a revolution at your conference: Michael Silberman, Mark Rovner
  • Do a huge favor for you and then thank you for the opportunity: Lauren-Glenn Davitian
  • Bring their entire network to the NTC: Lisa Colton, Barbara Buswell
  • Organize the entire technology track for your conference: Tracy Kronzak
  • Be posting helpful information to an NTEN Affinity Group email list right now: Keith Berner
  • Write an awesome article for your newsletter with an hour's notice: Steve MacLaughlin
  • Tell you exactly how to fix the problems you didn't even know you had: Martin Dooley
  • Attend every single NTEN event this year: Charlotta Beavers

And to see them in their NTENny glory: