2011 NTEN LIfetime Achievement Award: Judy Hallman

Submitted by Annaliese on Sat, 03/19/2011 - 12:05pm

Each year, NTEN recognizes a member of this community who has furthered the work of the nonprofit technology field through dedication, innovation, and leadership.  This year, we are thrilled to honor Judy Hallman for her work with this award.

The award was presented to Judy at the 2011 Nonprofit Technology Conference by her friend and colleague Paula Jones, Director of Technology and Administration for the North Carolina Center for Nonprofits, whose words I'd like to share here:

The Lifetime Achievement Award is about the members of our community who have changed the way we do our work and that is why Judy Hallman is so deserving of this award. She is passionate about technology and has a desire to see others achieve great things through its use. She takes pleasure in learning about technology (like her recent Drupal and CiviCRM projects) and takes on the challenges that come with it. It’s that determination that has allowed her to help so many people and nonprofits over the years.

Judy started her career providing support for nonprofits after retiring from UNC-Chapel Hill, where she helped introduce the university to the Internet as a documentation and training specialist for campus information systems. Her first job in computing came long before the Web. She worked on a vacuum tube machine in 1960 and in 1967 she was tasked to document and organize information so UNC Chapel Hill faculty could use computers better – no small feat, right? Thirty years later, she was the campus webmaster.

In 1989, before the Internet as we know it came into existence, a group of geeks in Chapel Hill saw a need to share public information in a meaningful way. They set out to create a digital bulletin board service for the local community. PIN Inc. set out to do what seemed unattainable – putting information on town and county government, the public library, schools and cultural and recreational activities within reach of the community by a few strokes of the keyboard. Reading over some of the newspaper articles, you’d think these people were off their rocker. An article in the Independent Weekly said, “A group in Chapel Hill thinks that the heart and soul of people power may lie in machines.” The same article goes on to say, “There is some 20th-century irony in this computerized communication; It seems it takes a system of machines to bring people back in touch with one another and with their governments.” If they only knew then what we know now!

Although Judy claims to be “retired” she is a very active participant in the tech community. She’s on the Advisory Board of PIN Inc. and she is an organizer for NCTech4Good, the collaborative group that includes the Triangle 501TechClub and NetSquared’s NetTuesday. Through NCTech4Good we’ve held a local technology conference that has helped bring nonprofits, volunteers, and consultants together to learn from each other in the same way that the NTC benefits the tech community worldwide.

Without Judy’s leadership and passion these milestones would not have been possible.

Past awardees have included: Vince Stehle, Gavin Clabaugh, Daniel Ben-Horin, and Edward Granger-Happ.