A Love Your Techie Video Valentine for Karl Hedstrom (Our Techie!)

Submitted by Holly on Thu, 02/10/2011 - 9:14am

Every February, we here at NTEN find that just one day of love is never enough, especially when it comes to our techies. Accidental, communications, IT or any other flavor of techie, where would you be without yours

We pondered that very question about our own techie, Karl, and realized we would have to eat a lot more tater tots without him. And there's some other stuff too...

If you love your techies as much as we clearly love ours, make them a little video, upload it, and send the link to sarah@nten.org. We'll celebrate your techie on our blog AND send you a free webinar pass!

PS: Anna drew that picture of herself. She has no one else to blame.