Give your #NTENThanks Today!

Submitted by Holly on Wed, 11/04/2009 - 7:24am

Just in case you hadn't heard, it's NTEN Member Appreciation Month, also known as November! We spend all month doing our best to thank folks who provide the financial support that makes all those NTEN reports, discussion groups, webinars and more available to the entire nonprofit community. 

Of course, not only do you help NTEN, you guys also help each other -- a lot. It's a realy joy to watch so many people in the NTEN community share their frustrations, triumphs, tips and tricks. We figured it's good for you, too, and that you might want to spread a little love yourself. 

So today, let's cause a thankful ruckus!  

All you need to do is tell the world which NTEN member you're thankful for and why.  You can do it on Twitter or our Facebook Fan Page Wall - just be sure to include the hashtag #ntenthanks so we can follow along.

BONUS! The folks that give and recieve the most thanks will get a special NTEN prize pack!