NTEN Member Round-Up: You're Doing NPTech Right!

Submitted by Annaliese on Fri, 09/18/2009 - 12:50pm

(Note: I've changed up the format slightly to frame these round-ups around your success stories, your stories about working on "getting things right" on your job and with your organization with the help of technology. Tag your posts and news with "nten member" or "nptech" to help me find your stories online!)

Steve Heye is doing IT Alignment right: check out Steve's guest post on our blog, LOLnptech.orgLOLnptech.orgwhich provides some great ideas and take-aways you can apply to your organization's mission today. Join the discussion in the post's comments!

Nancy Schwartz is helping nonprofits do it right: how long has it been since you've considered your organization's tag line? Does it even have one? Could it be more effective? Participate in the 2009 Getting Attention Nonprofit Tagline Awards voting to see the 60 tag line finalists and get both inspired and thinking strategically about your own tag line. Deadline ends September 30th!

Jordan Viator (Convio) weighs in: Seth Godin took nonprofits to task on their (as he argued) lack of penetration into the social media sphere. Jordan writes a great summary of the debate this kicked off, and her own thoughts about the issue. She mentions the other folks doing Twitter for nonprofits right, including NTEN members the American Red Cross (with Wendy Harman), and the National Wildlife Federation (with Danielle Brigida). She also points to Beth Kanter's own round-up of the Seth Godin fallout.

NTEN Members doing it right with Twitter: check out this NonProfit Times article about nonprofits using Twitter effectively. NTEN members Danielle Brigida (National Wildlife Federation), Rachel Weidinger, Jon Dunn (Best Friends Animal Society), and Jeff Patrick (Common Knowledge) share their tips and advice.

Marnie Webb (TechSoup Global) wants you to do Access right: read her summary of the 3 things you need to do as an organization to help your constituents stay connected -- as well as understand what they're connecting to and why.

Amy Sample Ward (NetSquared) wants you to get right with OneWebDay: learn more about the event and see ways to participate by checking out her great summary and reference list.

Holly Ross (NTEN) wants you to engage with social media right: set goals for participating in other conversations, not just for conversations that YOU create. Read more about how she came to this realization here.