Fantasticness in the Nonprofit Technology Community

Submitted by KatrinVerclas on Sun, 04/08/2007 - 9:50pm

The amazing Beth Kanter has won the inaugural NTEN Prize for being a fantastic and amazing member of the nonprofit technology community. We are awarding this prize to the community member who has made extraordinary contributions to nonprofit technology - with generosity, with spirit, with wisdom and with passion.

Nedra puts it this way: "Congrats to Beth Kanter who received the Fantasticness Award at the Nonprofit Technology Conference. She's the hardest working gal in blog and roll, and I think she's fantastic not just for the sheer volume of content-packed blog posts she puts out, but also for her willingness to help us learn along with her as she explores the cutting edge of social media. You deserve it, Beth!"

We could not agree more and award the NTEN Prize for NPTech Fantasticness to Beth Kanter. Since she was not in the room when the prize was announced (as the Oscars, it is a secret until the last minute), her lifetime flickr and Typead accounts as a token of appreciation, and the NTEN Prize, an ebony wand for the 'magic touch' and amazingness in the NTEN community, will be given to her in a separate ceremony.

The NTEN Prize: An Ebony Wand



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