Tales from the Individual Donor Benchmark Project

August 13, 2015
To build a successful fundraising program, nonprofits need to set goals, track outcomes, and learn from past performance. Collecting and analyzing this data in a vacuum only gives part of the picture—nonprofits also need to be able to compare themselves to others, as well as to the larger sector.

10 Things We Learned From Our Nepal Response

August 10, 2015
GlobalGiving was not originally established with disaster relief funding in mind, but with thousands of vetted nonprofit partners operating in more than 160 countries and a network of corporate and individual donors that trust us to get money quickly and efficiently to the ground, we have built a disaster response strategy that has helped us raise millions of dollars for our partners to support relief efforts.

5 Things You Need to Know About Millennials and Email

August 6, 2015
By now you may think you’ve heard everything you need to know about Millennials: their needs, their quirks, maybe even how they look at fundraising. Why spend some much time examining this particular generation? The reason is simple: In every way, Millennials represent the future of your organization.

The Secret to Funding Massive Change at Scale

August 5, 2015
Funding for social impact initiatives has seen a recent sea change, largely thanks to the Internet. Until the end of the 20th century, we were accustomed to foundations giving large grants as part of direct-action programs. Now crowdfunding is a $5.1-billion-dollar-a-year industry with 450 different platform options. But what, in the midst of all this change, is the role of the large philanthropic foundation in the 21st century?

How to Leverage Short Film to Attract New Donors

August 4, 2015
The more saturated society becomes with media and mobile devices, the more powerful short films can prove for nonprofits to get their stories in front of new audiences. When done right, short films are inspiring, moving, and bite-sized—they can be quickly watched and easily shared, setting off a viral groundswell in the process.

Focusing on Fundraisers and Take Your Charity to the Next Level

August 4, 2015
In a space that used to be all about the donor, we're finding that the real key to engaging passionate supporters and raising more money for your cause is all about embracing the individual fundraiser. A fundraiser is a passionate supporter of your cause that may be engaged enough to not only give to your organization, but to fundraise and get other​ people to give to your cause.

Why I’ll Travel Across the Blue for the LCS

July 30, 2015
Having attended NTEN Conferences for the past five years and always coming back to Sydney with lots of ideas and inspiration, I am really looking forward to the Leading Change Summit.

Exploring Crowdfunding as Crucial Development Strategy

July 30, 2015
The team at GiveGab is looking forward to attending the NTEN Leading Change Summit in mid-September. We have been benefiting from NTEN through many of its online resources, newsletters, and virtual communities, but this will be the first truly engaging experience that we’ll have with NTEN members. We are excited to interact with the community, learn about its culture, and become part of NTEN’s cause.

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July 29, 2015
We want to hear from you! Actually, we love hearing from our community all through the year, but this time of year, we like to ask for your specific feedback about our programs and resources, as well as your overall NTEN experience.