Storytelling With Digital Annual Reports

September 16, 2015
Annual reports have grown to be one of the central storytelling tools an organization uses to reach its existing donors and other key audiences. Unfortunately, despite the importance of and resources poured into annual reports each year, a large number of organizations are stuck producing print reports that lack important measurement and storytelling tools.

Congratulations to the 2015 Leading Change Summit Award Winners!

September 13, 2015
With innovation and ideas in the air at this year's Leading Change Summit, we at NTEN were thrilled to present our second annual Leading Change Summit Awards to honor several organizations and individuals who have taken innovative approaches and blazed new paths for social change. Based on the inspiring nominations we received from the community, we were honored to select three recipients for this year's awards.

Setting Up a Storybank

September 11, 2015
I’m putting the call-out to everyone who has a story: It’s time to put our stories in the bank. A storybank is a mechanism for capturing and sharing stories in a variety of mediums. If we don’t capture our stories and share them, they’ll disappear.

“Undocumented and Unafraid!”

September 10, 2015
"I am undocumented and unafraid." These were the words that my friend, Uriel Alberto, boldly stated directly to an immigration committee in Raleigh, North Carolina, affirming publicly that he valued his life as an undocumented immigrant and was unafraid to say it to anyone, regardless of the risk.

Our Next Webinar Platform: What do you think?

September 10, 2015
We certainly have a few things on our list of needs and wants for a new online learning platform, but what would be on your list?

A Tradition of Digital Storytelling with Students on Ice

September 8, 2015
Since Students on Ice began in 2000, we have shared stories with people back home by sending blog posts, photos, and videos to our home base via satellite. This practice has been a core part of our culture of storytelling for 15 years.

Recommendations & Resources from the Digital Adoption Report

September 3, 2015
Earlier this summer, we released the 2015 Digital Adoption Report. Today, we wanted to share some further recommendations and resources that complement the report's findings.

Preparing for the 15LCS

September 2, 2015
With the 2015 Leading Change Summit just a few weeks away, now is the time that things start to shift. It is no longer just a logistical item on your to-do list focused on things like travel and accommodation. Now it starts to become real with experiences you hope to have, things you want to learn, and chance to build meaningful connections.

September Member RoundUp: Social media content strategy, TechNow conference, and the future of fundraising

September 2, 2015
Highlights from NTEN Members through our monthly compendium of happenings.

Why We Ask You to Respond to Surveys: The impact of your feedback

August 27, 2015
We recently sent out an email asking our community to respond to our 2015 Community Survey. Many of you probably thought, "Another survey? I thought I just completed one; how is there another?"