Tech Is Everyone's Job

Submitted on Tue, 3/24/2015 - 1:04pm
Technology is everyone’s job because being an effective organization making real progress towards the mission is everyone’s job.

15NTC WordPress Day: Event Recap

Submitted on Tue, 3/24/2015 - 12:46pm
What happens when you bring together 200 developers, power users, content managers, community organizers, and IT-decision makers that are either using or considering, WordPress? A lot! Here's a recap of the first ever WordPress Day for Nonprofit Professionals at the 2015 Nonprofit Technology Conference.

Adoption Is Integral to Your Tech Project Success: Highlights from #15NTCtechadopt

Submitted on Tue, 3/24/2015 - 11:06am
Learn these tried-and-true methods to plan for successful user adoption and, ultimately, a culture that embraces technology at your organization.

Report Back from Drupal Day 2015

Submitted on Fri, 3/20/2015 - 1:20pm
Drupal Day is so much more than a pre-conference event at NTC; it is an opportunity for community to come together, learn, and explore.

Technology: A Pipeline to Employment for the Transgender Community

Submitted on Thu, 3/19/2015 - 2:29pm
Don't just discover new talent; invest in building your pipeline to support talent and ensure mutual success.

When Should You Use an Existing Tool/Service and When Should You Build Your Own?

Submitted on Wed, 3/18/2015 - 3:46pm
Questions to ask yourself when choosing your own tech adventure.

When and How to Communicate a Technology Rollout Plan

Submitted on Mon, 3/16/2015 - 4:59pm
You're about to roll out your technology plan. But are all members of your team ready to roll out with you?

Nonprofits Must Fight Stereotypes When Using New Technologies to Save Lives

Submitted on Fri, 3/13/2015 - 3:39pm
Innovation and adoption of new technologies is not without controversy. For example: How does your nonprofit leadership feel about unmanned aerial vehicles?

What Is Nonprofit Technology?

Submitted on Tue, 3/10/2015 - 4:22pm
A refresher course on what nonprofit technology is and isn't.

Learning from Example: Innovative methods to engage your online community

Submitted on Mon, 2/23/2015 - 6:16pm
What do clean water and foundation libraries have in common? Online community management, for one thing.