November 20, 2012

Three Analytics Tools to Gauge Your Social Audience’s Pulse

Just like many of the nonprofits and other loyal readers of Beth’s Blog out there, we at Social Media for Nonprofits were excited for the recent release of Beth’s new book, Measuring the Networked Nonprofit: Using Data for Social Change.

In line with its focus on turning data into knowledge through powerful, insightful measurement and analytics of social media efforts, we wanted to share three simple tips and resources that nonprofits can put to work.

1) Get to Know Your Audience

Want to know what makes your online audience tick? Then check out Simply Measured. In particular, their free reports give you your social audience’s pulse on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google+, and other platforms. There’s a gold mine of intelligence presented in their 8-10 insightful, colorful analysis tools. Learn who your followers are, what issues they care about, which posts are firing up your base, and what types of content are gaining steam and going viral.

2) Make Your Website Shine

How can you make your web footprint work for you and complement your social strategy? Nonprofits get free access to Google Analytics, a robust tool that tracks what turns your audience on or off when they land on your site. This tool highlights the behaviors that are most important to understand, including where your audience came from, what content they looked at, how long they stuck around, where you lost them, and to what extent your base engaged with your content.

3) Monitor Social Conversations

Discover a social treasure of other cause-driven folks like you connecting with likeminded professionals, sharing content, and tracking followers by analyzing your nonprofit’s social media presence. Keep an eye on all your social conversations, wherever they take place, with Sprout Social (think HootSuite on steroids). Nonprofits can save 50% on this low-cost tool, which gives you the ability to engage with your base, strategically search for better followers, identify posts that get superb traction, and of courser, schedule your posts in advance. *Note: Pre-scheduling posts should only be used for Twitter and LinkedIn posts, but Facebook de-prioritizes posts scheduled via third parties, so that’s a no-no. Thankfully, you can now pre-schedule posts on Facebook itself.

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Ritu Sharma
Ritu Sharma is a public speaker, consultant, event planner, facilitator, and thought leader skilled in leveraging social technologies for social change. She is driven by her enthusiasm for volunteering and has an infinite zeal for continuous learning in all spheres of life. Ritu is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of Social Media for Nonprofits, an organization committed to bringing quality and accessible social media education to nonprofits around the world, primarily through conferences that bring together the top thinkers and doers in the social media and nonprofit spaces. Besides running Social Media for Nonprofits, Ritu travels nationwide and globally to present on a variety of topics related to Social Media for Social Change. Each presentation is very interactive, tactical and hands-on in order to maximize impact, including examples that are relevant to each particular audience. Previously, Ritu was the Director of Events for North American Social Media Marketing & Monitoring conference series for Our Social Times. She also started a Web development and Social Media agency that leveraged an international team working across India, Romania, and the United States. She studied Leadership and Business Administration at Marquette University and Lakeland College in Wisconsin, and she now lives in the San Francisco area.
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