December 20, 2013

NTEN Staff Celebrate 2013: Here’s to You!

NTEN staff in the Portland office headed to the Peculiarium yesterday afternoon for our holiday party. To the left you can see Michael, Julie, and Brylie hanging out with their new friend. It was, just as you’d expect, peculiar. Be sure to stop by the NTENner Center in the center of the Science Fair at the 14NTC to play with some of the fun things we picked up!

After the not-exactly-seasonal outing, we headed to a local watering hole to celebrate Lindsay. Today is her last day in the Portland office as she and her family move to Arizona. Please wish them safe driving and send lots of good thoughts for moving to a new state during the holidays!

Lindsay will be staying with NTEN through the 2014 NTC so you don’t have to say goodbye to her yet. She’ll continue to lead program pieces for the conference including working with and supporting all of the NTC speakers, pre-conference workshops, and plenaries.

Look at those smiling faces! You’ll have to excuse the washed out photo; we didn’t think to check it and take one with flash. (I know, you expect more from us – next time we’ll have better pictures!)

I am so thankful for this incredible staff, amazing community, and the opportunity to work with all of you. Have a fun-filled, safe, and inspiring holiday season and please continue to support the ongoing growth of NTEN’s services and programs in 2014 by donating to or sharing the NTEN Challenge with your friends and colleagues.

Here’s to all of you! 

P.S. Staff requested I make available this photo from the Peculiarium. I refused to embed it though.

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Amy Sample Ward
Amy Sample Ward is NTEN's CEO. She is also a blogger, facilitator and trainer focused on leveraging social technologies for social change. In 2013, Amy co-authored Social Change Anytime Everywhere with Allyson Kapin. She previously co-authored Social by Social: a handbook in using new technologies for social impact. She has worked in and with advocacy organizations, private foundations, and community groups in the US, UK and around the world.
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