April 11, 2013

A Survey from the Communities of Impact: Data Practices in the Nonprofit Sector

In February we introduced you to NTEN’s Communities of Impact (CoI), a pilot program whose 19 participants are spending this year looking at ways nonprofits measure, learn from, and share their data.

One of the CoI cohorts recently launched a survey to better understand how nonprofits and NGOs around the world use data. Can you spare a few minutes to take this anonymous, community-led survey?

Though this is not an official NTEN survey, we hope you will share your experiences and insights with the CoI. One of the participants, Michelle Chaplin, will share the preliminary results during this panel at the NTC this week, but the survey will remain open through the end of April. Stay tuned to this blog for the results later this spring.

And if you can help spread the word, that would be much appreciated. Here’s a sample tweet:

The #NTENcoi folks want to know how your #nonprofit collects and uses data. Quick survey: http://bit.ly/COIsurvey #nptech

We can all benefit from more information about data collection and management practices in the nonprofit sector. Thanks so much for your help!

The CoI survey committee: Michelle Chaplin, Eric Eagon, Doug Jacquier, Matt Koltermann, Mark Mathyer, Andrew Means, Jordan Michelson, Marisol Pierce-Quinonez, Jeff Piestrak, and Michael Silberman

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