Download the 2009 Data Ecosystem Survey Report

The data ecosystem is the collection of tools we use to manage all the ways we interact with donors, volunteers, activists, and supporters. We wanted to find out how happy organizations are with each of the tools they use, but also what tools make up their ecosystems, and how happy they are with those ecosystems as well.

This is why NTEN is proud to present the results of our first Data Ecosystem Survey.

  • NTEN Members: This report is FREE and includes access to the online survey data set, allowing you to see all qualitative comments, etc.
  • Non-members: This report is $50 and does not include access to the data.
To download the report, please provide us with the following information. You will then be asked to log-in to your NTEN account. (We will not use this information for anything other than internal tracking purposes -- unless you sign up for the newsletter -- and you should -- in which case, well, you know. You may also want to review our privacy policy.)